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Flip Shopping Catalog

Flip Shopping Catalog is optimized to present your products/services, to impress and SELL
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27 October 2014

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People who work with PDF files are very limited in the things and tasks they can perform with the information. Once data and information gets stored within a PDF file, it cannot be edited without the use of a converter which becomes a bit troublesome. Sometimes the user likes to convert the PDF file to upload it to the site for it to become easier to interact with. This task requires a lot of work apart from the process of conversion which is not supported by most of the tools available on the market. Thankfully the user has to look no further as Flip Shopping CatalogĀ 2.6 will help him complete his work without having to seek help from other tools and programs.

Surprisingly fast in the way it works, the tool can let the user complete his work without having to wait for a long time. This is because the tool works at a lightning fast pace and allows the user to carry on with other important work. The basic function that this program follows is that it converts the PDF file format into a shopping magazine. This magazine can later be added to a website and can be published online. It can be shared with friends, clients using emails or social networks. Along with this the user can also use the many options and functions that come added along with the tool which includes adding multimedia on pages. The application is extremely easy to use as it follows a click to complete procedure which allows the user to finish his job without taking on complicated steps and various other complexities.

This way the user can convert all the information within PDF files into a shopping magazine complete with various multimedia elements that increase its beauty and efficiency. The application gets an appreciable score of four and half rating points for its overall usability and refinement.

Publisher's description

Whether you are selling products, software, or services online, Flip Shopping Catalog can help to launch your web site quickly and sell instantly.
Flip Shopping Catalog is optimized to present your products/services, to impress and SELL.
For each product of your presentation book you can add interactive photo and video galleries, descriptions and links to its webpage, add-to-cart button, or even links to instant-buy services like PayPal.
With an easy-to-use WYSIWYG workspace, there's no need to know any code, so you can concentrate on managing your products and your business. Meanwhile the professionally designed themes will make sure your products are showcased in style.
Flip Shopping Catalog is helping to build digital catalogs with realistic page-flipping effect. It provides a new and interesting way to promote and sell products online. The Flip Shopping Catalog program is easy-to-use, and will help to build a shopping book within minutes, output to multiple formats for people to shopping online on different devices, like PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Use the shopping catalog creator to make your E-commerce more attractive and effective now!
Flip Shopping Catalog
Flip Shopping Catalog
Version 2.3
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